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Workbench Toolbox

The Workbench Toolbox is not a plug-in. It is a new, innovative add-on and extension platform for the Elementor Page Builder. Docked to it, it extends the functionality with its own widgets and third-party widgets.

With this innovative concept, we have set ourselves the goal of integrating the WordPress Dashboard in further versions into the Workbench Toolbox, which will ultimately bring countless advantages for web design in the future. And this is only the beginning.

Install the Workbench Toolbox Addon, it’s free – forever.

We are looking forward to any constructive feedback from you, so that we can further improve our products for you.

Built-in Widgets.

Two ingenious widgets are already built into the Workbench Toolbox.

The Workbench Locator is one of the integrated widgets that are part of the Workbench Toolbox. It is the workhorse of the Workbench Toolbox. The Workbench Locator lists all pages and their associated templates. Fast and clear. One click and you switch the page or template to edit in the Elementor Page Builder.

The second integrated widget is the Workbench Pagemanager. This widget speeds up your workflow considerably. You can create one or more pages at once, edit them, move them to the trash, assign them to a new parent element, change the layout, rename them and much more. And all that without leaving the Elementor Dashboard and Workbench!

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Workbench Toolbox

  • Pagemanager Built-in
  • Works with Elementor
  • Works with Elementor Pro

Workbench Toolbox

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We are a small team of designers and programmers with over 20 years of agency experience in professional web design. We love Apple computers with every heartbeat and Ben Pines Elementor Page Builder. WordPress anyway.

Since the first version of Elementor Page Builder we are convinced that we can integrate and establish this revolutionary tool into the agency workflow. This is our goal and to achieve it, we now offer the Workbench Toolbox for Elementor. This addon for Elementor includes the tools and interfaces you need.

The Workbench Toolbox will provide massive support for all web designers! We are completely convinced of Elementor! Now with the Workbench Toolbox for Elementor we convince the web design teams in web agencies!